Anthem of the Seas aspects differ to P&O Britannia

Anthem of the Seas aspects differ to P&O Britannia

During its first six months in service, Anthem of the Seas will call the UK home, and for those of you that feel the market is not big enough to sustain two large ships, Carnival Corp. think otherwise. Both ships will call Southampton home, although it’s a more permanent thing for Britannia.

Carnival’s CEO Arnold Donald has said that no doubt the British public will try out both ships, although many will favour one over the other, which is to be expected. However, one thing is clear, Britannia has been built solely for the UK market, whereas Anthem has not.

Many aspects of Anthem of the Seas differ to that of P&O’s Britannia. It is clear that the latter has a huge focus on activities such as roller disco, bumper cars, simulated sky-diving and also that awesome 360-degree capsule on top of the ship, whereas Britannia has a greater focus on less thrilling activates, which include Cookery and Supper Club, along with a TV Studio.

Britannia seems to have a greater focus on celebrity chefs, although Anthem does have the most popular of them all, Jamie Oliver – well his Italian restaurant at least. On a personal note, I much prefer the restaurants onboard Britannia, especially with the help of Atul Kochhar, who we feel is pretty amazing.

If you had the option to go on either of these ships, which would you go for and why?

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