Royal Caribbean UK website craves update

Royal Caribbean UK website craves update

The U.S. version of the Royal Caribbean website has received a much-needed makeover, with the most noticeable difference being a full-width layout. Not only that, but the site will now conform to the screen resolution of the device you are viewing it from.

It’s all very well and good seeing this refreshed website, but the Royal Caribbean UK website now craves the very same update. To rub salt into the wounds, the Cruise Planner has also received a makeover, making it even easier for guests to book shore excursions, and even make dining reservations in advance.

What users of the UK Royal Caribbean website are concerned about is that it’s pretty much the same design used since 2011, but surely with the U.S. website receiving a refresh, the UK, along with other countries will also follow suit soon?

One of the main issues we have with the current, yet old design of, is that it all feels a little cramped. As well as the promotions being on the small side, rather than in your face to force you to go check out what’s on offer.

Do you think Royal Caribbean should update its UK website to fall inline with its U.S. counterpart?

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