Healthy food for kids onboard Disney Cruises ships

Healthy food for kids onboard Disney Cruises

Many restaurants are becoming more aware about the food it serves our children, but that trend seems slow to make it to cruise ships. However, Disney Cruises has finally decided to make a stand an introduced a healthy food menu for kids, which is called ‘Mickey Check’ on meals.

The idea behind this is to give kids a healthier food option while onboard, and so that means food served to children will have to meet strict new Nutrition Guidelines. This means that Disney will check for things like calorie content, sugar, saturated fat and salt.

This is pretty much a continuation of the Disney Magic of Healthy Living commitment, which has been running since 2006, and so just takes things another step further.

If you would rather not each such foods while on your Disney cruise, then you still have the option of all that junk food. However, if you are one of those parents that prefers your child to eat the healthier option, then just look out for the Mickey Check symbol next to the menu, which is the healthier option.

Disney understands that more and more families are looking for the healthier options while on a cruise, and so it is their job to provide their customers with the choice.

For those meals that pass the Mickey Check means they will consist of fruit and veg, lean protein or whole grains, which make up three or more of the nutritious food groups. For more details on this please visit

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