New Crystal Cruises ship to expand itinerary options

New Crystal Cruises ship to expand itinerary options

Crystal Cruises currently has two ships in its fleet, Serenity and Symphony, although that is to be expanded next year to three ships. This is largely due to the fact that the company is to be taken over by Genting in a deal worth $550 million.

The sale of the company is said to take place by the summer, and it is only because of the financial strength of Genting (GHK) that a new ship is possible.

With a new Crystal Cruises ship means the company will be able to expand its itinerary options, although it is too early to know just what places the new ship will visit. However, we do know that it will still offer the ultimate in luxury cruising.

Travel Weekly points out that knowing that Genting is a global hospitality giant they will not only be able to provide some much-needed financial resources, but also help in the design of the new Crystal Cruises ship, as they have a knack for knowing what it is people want.

There are some very exciting times ahead for Crystal Cruises and we just cannot wait to see some of the early designs for this upcoming ship, although we do not know how long it will be before they get shared with us.

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