MSC Cruises on National Pie Week 2015


You might know where the best place to get a pie is in London, New York, or another city around the world, but what about pies on cruises or around the Mediterranean? It’s National Pie Week 2015, so if you are following #NationalPieWeek on Twitter then you will know all about the events taking place online and offline.

MSC Cruises took to Twitter today in celebration of National Pie Week 2015, as you can see with the tweet featured on this page. Being the social teasers they are, MSC Cruises made sure to tag their lovely pie from the MED with #MedWayofLife and #NationalPieWeek.

While many of our readers would love to see MSC sail from Southampton more, the fact is they focus on destinations leaving and staying in the Mediterranean. This is one reason why they featured a pie from the Mediterranean during National Pie Week.

The Calzone is more of a pizza, than a pie, but MSC Cruises knew this when putting “A Mediterranean take on a pie for #NationalPieWeek – the Calzone. What’s your favourite (pizza) pie?“. Share a comment below with the best place you know that sells Pie’s, and of course if you enjoy the Mediterranean version of a pie. You can follow MSC Cruises on Twitter with regular updates.

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