Royal Caribbean cruise in social teaser for March deals


Cruise Ship News readers following the Royal Caribbean social channels will know what a tease they can be, as such this leads some to booking after an amazing photo is published on Twitter and Facebook with last minute cruise deals. Many of these pictures come from cruisers themselves and they give a first-hand look at the Royal Caribbean cruise ships and destinations right now.

If you don’t follow Royal Caribbean on Twitter just yet and want to get a taste of the types of messages being shared, let us show you with a few tweets below. Those running the Royal Caribbean Twitter do a fantastic job at teasing, as you can see with the first featured tweet that includes a photo and link to the latest Royal Caribbean cruise deals.


While Independence of the Seas isn’t the biggest ship from Royal Caribbean, we couldn’t help but feel impressed looking at the distance from one end to the other with a run of bars and restaurants. You have to remind yourself that you are in fact still on a cruise ship sometimes.


The entertainment is right up there with Broadway shows when cruising with Royal Caribbean. Another photo, seen below, gives you a taste of daytime entertainment and the view looking up at different decks.


Not all of the photos include a link to the current Royal Caribbean cruise deals, as the company wouldn’t want to scare followers away. The promotion for cruise deals seems to be saved for the best pictures, as you can see above this article with an amazing sunset thanks to one fan. That photo came with the message, “Make memories that glow” followed by a link to their best offers.

The screenshot below is one that you might see after clicking through to Royal Caribbean’s official website. You won’t normally be greeted with more information about the said photo, but instead see graphics directing you to last minute breaks, hotel and flight packages, mini-breaks, and other cruise deals. If you close the box, then you will find detailed information about each class of Royal Caribbean cruise ship.


Have you ever booked a cruise after seeing a picture shared on a cruise lines social channel? We have heard from a few of our readers in the past that did just this, although it’s unclear how many people really book this way, but we have a feeling it could be quite a few. You can follow Royal Caribbean on Twitter here, or see their Facebook page.

While there is deals offered nearly every month of the year, it still seems like the best cruise discounts come from booking last minute. You of course risk getting the ideal cabin location at this stage.

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