Celebrity Eclipse itinerary spotlight with Germany excursions


Celebrity Eclipse is taking in different parts of Europe this summer, with the Scandinavia and Russia cruise being one that we will be reviewing for the news website and Cruise Review magazine. Today, we wanted to highlight part of Celebrity Eclipse’s itinerary when the ship docks in Germany.

Cruising to Scandinavia and Russia with Celebrity Cruises can be achieved with a variety of dates in 2015, although our particular trip will take place from August 8 for 14 nights. Ports of call allow for shore excursions in Copenhagen Denmark, Stockholm in Sweden, St. Petersburg in Russia, Muuga in Tallinn – Estonia, Warnemunde in Germany, and Bruges in Belgium.

Germany excursions – The ship docks in Warnemunde, Germany, on day 4 and you have a great selection of excursions to choose from that range in price greatly. When you login to your personal cruise planner on the official Celebrity Cruises website, you will see shore excursions broken down into “Beach And/Or Water-Related Activities”, “Cuisine Tours”, “Shows & Entertainment”, and “Sightseeing And/Or City Tours”.


Berlin From All Sides will take you by coach and will be a must for most people, as you get to see two very different looks at Germany’s capital. The price is £156 an adult and £91 a child at the time of writing. Under the same category, you will also see “The Duke’s Castle Schwerin” tour that promises you haven’t seen the “treasures of Northern Germany until you’ve seen Schwerin Castle”. Both children and adults are charged £130 for this tour.

Cuisine Tours take in Berlin with a 20th Century experience by coach for just over 12 hours. If this is too long, then we’d recommend taking the “Amazing Rostock With Microbrewery” excursion, which lasts for 3.5 hours and offers beer tasting while visiting Germany. For some, this would be a must while in this country.

Other notable sightseeing and city tours in Germany include “Panoramic Rostock And Warnemunde”, which allows you to relax while driving through Warnesmunde and the historically-rich Hanseatic town of Rostock for 3.5 hours. Lubeck & Wismar – Treasures Of The Baltic, A Basket Of Hanseatic Treats with a taste of Rostock’s rich history and sweet treats, as well as the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp are all worth a consideration. The latter lasts over 12 hours and gives you a frightening and fascinating look at one of the first Nazi concentration camps.


Our personal must is “Molli Steam Train and Historic Mecklenburg”, as we look for the family perspective while on Celebrity Eclipse and this is something little boys will love. You get to travel on the historic “Molli” railway and see some amazing views of the countryside towards Heiligendamm. Once there, your tour takes in the seaside resort of Kuehlungsborn and before this a 700-year-old monastery. Pricing for this excursion is really good, when compared to the others, as it’s £49 a child and £56 per adult.

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