Harmony of the Seas water slides and itinerary discussed

Harmony of the Seas water slide and itinerary discussed

We know that Royal Caribbean has been on a huge push in order to bring even more new ships to its fleet, and we already know it has plans for a third and fourth Oasis-class ship. While we know its name, Harmony of the Seas, not much else is known at this time, well apart from the fact it will have three water slides.

There had been rumors of this fact a couple of days ago since an image was leaked showing these water slides, but Royal Caribbean had yet to confirm the fact. As a result there was a huge buzz on the Internet about these slides, and where they would be placed. Thankfully, the cruise line has since confirmed Harmony of the Seas will have water slides, three in fact.

Harmony of the Seas water slide

We know they will make up part of Harmony’s Pool and Sports Zone, and the fact the slides will take riders down three decks, although as usual this will be done through several twists and turns.

Some of our readers said it would be cool if the water slides dropped into a pool at Central Park. However, based on the images from the Royal Caribbean Blog, it would seem the water slides would be located behind the Solarium.

There have been lots of discussions in regard to the Harmony of the Seas itinerary, and we would assume that this would be released within the coming weeks. However, we have to wonder if Royal Caribbean will do the same as it is with Anthem of the Seas, and send Harmony to the Mediterranean first, and then over to the Caribbean for the winter, and more than likely have Miami as her homeport?

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