MSC features United Arab Emirates, Oman cruise

MSC features United Arab Emirates, Oman cruise

Putting aside the political unrest in many regions of the Middle East, it is still a wonderful place in the world, and some regions are still fine to visit, such as Oman. We already know of some great cruises to this part of the world, but MSC Cruises highlights Oman in the hope that you get to book and experience its beauty and charm.

We already know that Oman is a very popular place for tourists, as it has a mix of beaches, deserts and mountains, making this a very diverse place. Whenever you think of places in the Middle East, you think sand, dry and arid, but Oman has around 1,056 miles of coastline, making it an ideal cruise destination.

Oman also has a very rich culture that goes back many years, and so you will get to visit defensive bastions, forts, towers, city walls, castles and so much more. The styles of buildings also vary because there were many different types of architects over the years.

If you would like to book an MSC cruise to Oman, then there are 16 sailings in all, two of which are on December 12, 2015 and the other on January 2, 2016. For more details and full pricing head over to the MSC UK website.

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