New Royal Caribbean WiFi cost for unlimited has a catch

New Royal Caribbean WiFi cost for unlimited has a catch

Using the Internet while on a cruise ship is a strange affair because of three reasons, the first is the price, second is speed and the third is hit and miss getting on because the service is unable to handle too many people being on at once.

However, when you are out at sea you are prepared to take the rough with the smooth because passengers like to check in at home, or to just catch up online, especially Facebook. This is why Royal Caribbean has come up with a new package that allows for unlimited Internet access.

There is a catch, as this only applies for a full day of surfing, and you still do not know if you will get a decent speed, seeing as though there will be a huge uptake in the number of people taking advantage of this offer.

Royal Caribbean WiFi does not offer details on price, although we do know that this is the first cloud-based Internet service at sea and will be introduced throughout the 22 ship fleet. For more details visit PRWEB.

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