Costa Concordia captain trial verdict arrives on Feb 11

Costa Concordia captain trial verdict arrives on Feb 11

While we always try to stay impartial to certain news, it was almost certain that the trial of the Costa Concordia captain was only ever going to go one way, as the evidence seemed to be damming, especially after video footage of him leaving the stricken ship was shown. Today, on Feb 11 the verdict came and it is not good news for Captain Francesco Schettino, as he has been sentenced to 16 years and one month in prison.

During sentencing Schettino was accused of taking the Costa Concordia too close to the rocks, and as a result the ship hit those rocks and caused her to start sinking, and as a result killing 32 people in the process.

Even though this was such a serious case, it seemed laughable that the Captain denied the claims and said it was a collective failure of the crew. However, we all know that the captain has to take full reasonability, and also has to be the last to leave a ship. However, he said that he fell into a lifeboat, although video footage shows him waiting on deck ready to board the lifeboat.

It comes as no secret that Schettino is expected to appeal the verdict, although we cannot see it going any other way for him. For further details on this visit BBC News.

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