Improving chances of a free Royal Caribbean stateroom upgrade

Improving chances of a free Royal Caribbean stateroom upgrade

For those that are new to cruising you will not be aware of some of the things you can do in order to make your cruise more enjoyable. One of the easiest ways is to try to upgrade your cabin, and this can be done at no extra cost. Many of the companies offer this facility, although Royal Caribbean is one of the easiest.

Improving your chances to a Royal Caribbean stateroom upgrade for free is a simple process, one that many of you may already be aware of, although some of you still might not know.

From time to time Royal Caribbean will upgrade you for free, although you have to remember that this is very rare to happen, but is still worth a try seeing as though it takes hardly no extra effort on your part.

free Royal Caribbean stateroom upgrade

Here’s at least one way to ensure you’re ready for an upgrade if it were to be available on your cruise. In order to improve your success of a free upgrade to a better stateroom and are either a Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society member, then when you are on the page that you see above, which you can click to see it bigger, then you have one of three options, I prefer an automatic upgrade, I do not wish to upgrade my stateroom, or I would like an upgrade but have restrictions.

These upgrades could mean several things, such as a slightly larger room, to a different level entirely. Some people may choose not to upgrade, and this could be because they have selected a particular room on a part of the ship they much prefer.

Let’s get one thing straight though, Royal Caribbean are not stupid, they know that if they bump a couple up for free from an inside or outside cabin to a balcony, they know those same people will always feel the need to book a balcony in the future – great marketing for such a little cost for the cruise line.

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