Anthem of the Seas vs. Britannia itineraries from Southampton

Anthem of the Seas itineraries from Southampton

There are two new ships coming to Southampton for 2015, Britannia from P&O and Anthem of the Seas from Royal Caribbean. The former will have the head start but only by a month because she will start her maiden voyage in March, whereas Anthem will begin in April.

While the early cruises for each of these ships may be sold out, there are still plenty of spaces left throughout the year, and so we thought we would look at how the itineraries differ for each ship.

Anthem of the Seas itineraries from Southampton – are broken down into four categories, those are 3 Nights Royal Experience Paris & Bruges, 7 & 8 Nights France & Spain Cruise, 10, 12 & 13 Nights Sunshine In The Canaries and 14 & 16 Nights Mediterranean Cruise. These are all great destinations, although we feel as though the Fjords needed to be included on the itinerary.

P&O Britannia itineraries from Southampton

P&O Britannia itineraries from Southampton – seem to be more diverse and so has a great selection of destinations. We have found 21 cruises with places such as Portugal, Spain & Morocco, Norway, Nordfjord & Sognefjord, Scandinavia, Russia & Estonia, Guernsey, British Isles, and Spain, Monaco & Italy. What makes one of these all the more special is that they will have Strictly Come Dancing theme.

The choice is down to you, so head to the Royal Caribbean or P&O website in order to book your cruise for 2015 now.

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