P&O Holiday Finder for your perfect cruise

P&O Holiday Finder for your perfect cruise

P&O understands that people new to cruising may struggle when sorting through the minefield of choices that are available to them. We have been approached by so many people that they find it so difficult to choose a cruise that is right for them, and more often than not get it completely wrong.

The thing is, not all of us want the same thing from a holiday and with cruises often costing more money; people want to get it right. When you have been on a few, then you pretty much know what it is you need to look for, but spare a thought for those first-timers.

We have already seen an uptake in the number of first-time cruisers, and that number is expected to grow in 2015, which is thanks to an influx of new ships coming to various fleets.

P&O Holiday Finder

Anyway, back to P&O, and they have come up with a new tool that is said to help make choosing the right cruise for you much easier. P&O Cruises has gone with the tagline, “Spin the wheels to find your perfect holiday” and we have to see it is pretty ingenious.

It like a game that you would expect to play in Vegas, where you have four choices. These are, “What do you look for in a holiday?”, “When do you fancy getting away?”, “What else is important?” and, “What will you want to tell everyone?” Once you have selected your choice just select the tab that says, “See what we recommend,” and you will be taken to the results.

Please let us know if you used this tool, and if it was of help to you.

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