Costa Cruises Happy Package includes excursions and drinks

Costa Cruise Happy Package

If you were planning on booking a Costa cruise in the near future, then we would suggest you do it sooner rather than later. We say this because there is an amazing deal at the moment that is part of Costa’s Happy Package, which includes some free drinks and a limited number of excursions.

It’s called the Happy Package by the Glass and 6 Excursions included, and so it is pretty self-explanatory, as it means you can order wine, draft beer, soft drinks and mineral water a glass at a time. These drinks are either served in the dining room, or as part of room service.

There are also six free excursions within this package to Cape Town, Durban, Melbourne, Perth, Reunion and Tenerife.

Costa Cruises Happy Package

As for children that drinks package above only includes soft drinks and mineral water, although still a pretty good deal seeing as though children drink a lot, especially in hot climates.

The price of this cruise with those extras start from £1,900 and so for terms and conditions we ask that you visit the Costa Cruises website.

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