New Royal Caribbean ship name eludes, although first steel cut

New Royal Caribbean ship name eludes, although first steel cut

The third Oasis-class ship is well underway and is expected to enter service in 2016, while the fourth ship in that class from RCI is just getting started. The new Royal Caribbean ship has just had its steel cutting ceremony and is now ready for work to begin ahead of her 2018 maiden voyage.

While it is great to see this milestone achieved, the new Royal Caribbean ship name still eludes us, so we still have to class this as Oasis IV, just for now. Having said that, RCI has yet to announce the name of the third ship in the class, although you would have assumed they would have told us by now, seeing as though she is to set sail next year.

It’s going to be a busy time for Royal Caribbean over the next year and half, seeing as though they have three new ships in that time. This shows they are set for a big push and plan to take the fight to Carnival, who only has the one new ship, Vista.

Cruise Critic does say that more news on Royal Caribbean’s new 2016 and 2018 ships will be revealed in the coming months, so let us hope it is a wonderful event like the one we attended a couple of weeks ago for the Vista.

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