Norwegian highlights singles cruises on 5 ships

Norwegian highlights singles cruises on 5 ships

There are not as many single cruise deals as we would like, although more cruise lines have started to realise that there are more singles looking to try something different rather than a package holiday. Norwegian seems to have embraced this, and so they have started to offer an increased focus on this market.

When you head to the Norwegian Cruise Line UK website you will notice a tab that highlights singles cruises, as they allow you to experience Studio style cruising while aboard.

From what we can make out 5 Norwegian ships have Studio accommodation, which you will see in our image above still offers a full-size bed. Other amenities include a one-way window that looks out on the corridor, with a blind, as well as separate bathroom facilities.

What makes these Single Cruises all the more special is how you have access to a private Studio Lounge and bar for other people traveling on their own.

The five ships that offer singles cruise holidays are Norwegian Getaway, Breakaway, Epic, Escape and Pride of America. You can find more details here.

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