Eagerness over new Celebrity Cruises ships and their itineraries

Eagerness over new Celebrity Cruises ships and its itineraries

Celebrity Cruises has two new ships on order, and there is a general eagerness for both of these ships because they will help to bring improved itineraries. The cruise company has already said while these ships will be able to offer passengers an itinerary you would normally see with smaller ones on the fleet, they will come with amenities you would usually see on larger ones.

We already knew this towards the end of last year, although that has not stopped people hoping 2018 and 2020 come around quickly. It’s all very well some companies concentrating on introducing larger ships to their fleet, but many cruisers know they lose a certain something for being too large.

It’s not uncommon for these ships to carry around 4,000 – 5,000 passengers, and so that means the ship will be too large to fit into some ports, along with the fact that you start to feel more like a number than an important part of the manifested.

Celebrity Cruises understands the importance of being treated differently, and so this is one of the reasons for building two new ships that will carry up to 2,900 passengers only. Having said that, it is still a long way off the exclusivity of Viking Ocean Cruises’ Viking Sea.

With the first new Celebrity cruise ship, which is part of Project EDGE not expected to 2018, we doubt we will be learning other details anytime soon, such as its planned itineraries and the general layout and facilities. Having said that, we do know they will be smaller than Reflection.

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