Carnival Caribbean cruise vs. package holiday comparison

Carnival Caribbean cruise vs. package holiday comparison

People that have never been on a cruise before often wonder how it compares to a normal beach holiday in terms of price and what you actually get for your money. With that in mind, Carnival Cruise Line has a section under its beginner’s guide that helps to compare the two.

Carnival cruise vs. package holiday comparison – Both are based on 7 days, with the package holiday staying at a resort stay in the Grand Cayman, and the cruise on the Carnival Conquest. Accommodation price is £1,569 compared to £1,267, dining is £630, although included on the cruise, as is the entertainment and supervised kids programmes, although they will cost £140 and an additional cost on a package holiday.

Transfers are both £35, although there are no gratuities to pay in the resort, but £103 on the cruise. However, with all that taken into consideration, overall cost is £2,401 for the resort holiday and £1,405 for the cruise.

These prices were based on old rates, although they would have increased for both types of holidays. We know that some of you are still on the fence as to whether to try a cruise, although going with Carnival could be the right move seeing as their dress code is nothing like that of P&O, and so ideal if you are not into all that dressing up.

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