Disney Wonder refurbishment needs staterooms for 5 guests

Disney Wonder refurbishment needs staterooms for 5 guests

The Disney Wonder refurbishment was meant to have happened by now, but there was a delay because of certain factors to do with the Suez Canal. However, we can tell you that the cruise ship is all set for dry dock in 2016 and will receive updates very similar to the Disney Magic.

We would presume that Disney has already finalised the changes for the Disney Wonder refit, but since the official launch of the Carnival Vista last Thursday, we have to wonder if the Disney Cruise Line might make a few changes?

During the launch event held in London, which we attended we were shocked and excited at the new Carnival Vista staterooms, as some of them will cater for up to five guests, meaning doing away with the need to book a second cabin in order to fit you, your wife and three children.

The chances of the Disney Wonder refurbishment to include staterooms for 5 guests is pretty slim, although if they would like to cater for growing families and to increase bookings rather than force customers to go for a second cabin, Disney would be silly not to react to Carnival’s shrewd move.

Would you be more likely to book a cruise if staterooms had space for up to 5 guests?

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  • Mary

    5 guests in one room is a must, not sure why other’s do not follow the Carnival Vista?

  • http://www.myportsofcall.com/ Dan Cottle

    I like the idea of having room for five guests. I’ve found that potential cruisers would be more apt to book if they didn’t have to obtain a second cabin. I’m guessing it would be difficult to implement the changes at this point in time, but any new builds coming down the line for Disney most likely would include cabins that would accommodate five.