Revised itinerary for Boudicca expected from Fred. Olsen

Revised itinerary for Boudicca expected from Fred. Olsen

You may have heard the news regarding the fire onboard the Fred. Olsen ship Boudicca. Well, she managed to set sail again last night and that all services were back to normal. However, once she reaches Tenerife tomorrow evening she will undergo repairs and safety checks, after which her revised itinerary will be announced.

At no time was there any danger to the passengers and all safety measures were taken to ensure that the fire was tackled in the fastest and safest manner. Fred. Olsen has even taken to its website to thank all passengers on the Boudicca, and no doubt the crew have made announcements as well.

Future bookings do not seem to have been affected, as Fred. Olsen’s press page says that people were still booking future cruises on Boudicca.

Going back to that revised itinerary, the Managing Director and several others from Head Office will head to Tenerife to welcome guests and to speak to them about what had happened, and no doubt to offer some sort of compensation for the trouble that was caused due to the fire outbreak.

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  • Dawn

    You have to admire how the head guy at Fred. Olsen is heading to meet the Boudicca, and to see the passengers that were obviously scared at the time.

  • Jane

    My vote goes to Celebrity Cruises