Carnival Vista homeport TBA, Southampton desired

Carnival Vista homeport TBA, Southampton desired

During the launch event of the Carnival Vista last Thursday evening in London, we were treated to an amazing evening. The drinks were flowing, and the food was superb. However, this was only the teaser before the main event, and that was a closer look at this new ship from Carnival Cruise Line.

We were shown some exclusive details, along with news that most cruise lovers will now know. The big surprise was the Carnival Vista itinerary, as it teased us with several wonderful ports in Europe, which is a return for the company, as they have been missing in Europe for the past few years.

However, we are still uncertain what the Carnival Vista homeport will be, as this is still to be announced. It’s not certain if it will be in a European country, although the US is looking more likely.

You would have assumed it would be somewhere in Europe if Carnival wish to keep a presence in that region. With that in mind we have had several requests from our readers and friends that they would love to see Carnival Vista in Southampton.

We highly doubt that will ever happen seeing as though this would be a conflict of interest with them owning P&O. However, they do still need to stay in Europe, although this might be one of their other ships and not the Vista.

Even though it is unlikely to happen, would you like to see Vista in Southampton?

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  • Mark

    Carnival will never have a presence in Southampton seeing as they own P&O

  • Neil

    Carnival need to keep a ship in Europe, or more in fact to compete with the likes of MSC etc in that region. However, doubt it will be the Vista but rather one of their older ships.