Cancellation for some Serenade of the Seas passengers

Cancellation for some Serenade of the Seas passengers

Some passengers that were due to board Serenade of the Seas in New Orleans have been told by Royal Caribbean that their cruise has been cancelled due to a water pipe break. As of last night the ship had yet to leave the port as they were waiting for the U.S. Coast Guard to give them clearance.

Update: We had assumed she was underway at the time of writing this because of the ship’s live tracker. However, one of our readers just informed us that the ship was just related to a different dock. We await to hear any more news on this.

We are not certain how many cancellations there were, as Cruise Critic never got that information. The cancellation of some guests did not go down well at all with those affected, as you would imagine, and as such are unhappy with how they were treated.

Royal Caribbean had a tough choice to make and so we cannot blame them, though we have to feel for those passengers that had their cruise cancelled, especially if they had children looking forward to their vacation.

There is a bright side though because those passengers did get a full refund and a 100 per cent discount off another cruise on Serenade of the Seas.

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  • Frustrated

    Ship is not underway. They were relocated to a different dock with no word on ever leaving. After a 5 hour wait standing in line, our parents finally did make it on to find only another line for food. No other dining. No spa, gym, tv’s, nothing. Now sitting on a dock staring at an old factory. I would not call that ok.