Celebrity Cruises Luminae restaurant menu has restrictions

Celebrity Cruises Luminae restaurant menu has restrictions

Several cruise ship companies have been working hard to make things more relaxed, such as putting less importance on dressing up, and also not showing much distinction between the classes. However, Celebrity Cruises seems to be undoing some of that hard work with its new Luminae restaurant.

The reason we say this is because not all passengers will be able to use the Luminae restaurant, as it is known as a Suite Class restaurant. Passengers will be able to enjoy this new dining experience from April, which is when the cruise company will start to roll it out on some of its ships in the fleet.

This will be the very first suite restaurant and will come with an extra special service, and one-of-a-kind menus that will not be available in any of the other restaurants on the ship.

You can expect to enjoy an elegant menu for different meals of the day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cruise Industry News says that the menu will only be used once throughout a two week cruise, and so will not be repeated.

Celebrity has yet to offer its full menu for Luminae, although we can tell you it will feature a wine list that has a selection of 400 different kinds.

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