Last minute Costa cruises promoted with remarkable price

Last minute Costa cruises promoted with remarkable price

If Christmas got on top of you and you have already had enough of the cold weather in the UK, then there are some of you out there in a position to pack your bags in a hurry and to go on holiday. You could go on a beach holiday, but there is another option, and that is a last minute Costa cruise.

A new section is begin promoted, which is for last minute Costa cruises, and you are being urged to have your luggage ready, as you may have to leave without much notice. If you have yet to decide a destination, then have a look through these last minute offers, as prices start at just £149 – yes you read that right.

Looking on the website we can see three Costa cruise deals, the one with the lowest price is for Dubai And United Arab Emirates, from £199 you can travel to the Caribbean and £299 takes you to the Mediterranean.

Please remember that the prices do not include service charges, and so the price will increase a little for this. There are also flights to consider, as they will require you to book a flight to where theses ships begin their cruises. Check out what your Pronto Price will be today.

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