Eagerness over first P&O Britannia reviews

Eagerness over first P&O Britannia reviews

P&O’s newest cruise ship Britannia has caused a great deal of interest since she was first announced, and now we are so close to seeing if it will be able to live up to all the hype. She will become the biggest ship in the fleet, and with it being more stylish, passengers are eager to get on board.

As with all new cruise ships, there is an eagerness for the first P&O Britannia reviews, which will be conducted by the first passengers on her maiden voyage in March.

People within the travel industry will be one of the first passengers to experience Britannia, and so P&O better make sure they have their A-Game on if they want to receive a positive feedback.

Having said that, it is also very important to please the paying public and so they need things to go right. We know there are always teething troubles on a maiden voyage, and while guests accept that, this is not an excuse for P&O to get sloppy – although we doubt they will.

Do you think the P&O Britannia reviews will be positive, or do you think there will be a lot of negative feedback?

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