Most luxurious cruise ship cabin price for 2016

Most luxurious cruise ship cabin price for 2016

Believe it or not, there are some people out there that actually search for the most luxurious cruise ship cabin in terms of price, and we are sure most of the results will come up with an upcoming ship for 2016, the Seven Seas Explorer.

Regent Seven Seas recently announced its plans for the largest cruise ship suite in the world, and in terms becomes the most expensive at £3,057 per person per night. This would work out at a total cost of £42,798 per person on a 14-night cruise.

You will see from the many renders, thanks to the Daily Mail that this suite will truly be something very special and if you have that kind of money, then why not treat yourself. We will have a look at the Seven Seas Explorer itinerary at a later date, we just want you to enjoy what this suite has to offer for now.

Included in this price is a huge in-room spa sauna and steam room, which also includes treatments. There is also a private garden and the price is with excursions, so not a bad deal – well if you have an obscene amount of money.

The suite is 3,875 sq feet in size and Seven Seas Explorer bookings for 2016 have already begun.

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