Princess Cruises North to Alaska program highlights

Princess Cruises North to Alaska program highlights

Princess Cruises has unveiled its new program that it hopes will help to improve people’s insight into Alaska. The program in question is called North to Alaska and will see the coming together of local businesses in that region so that you get a far better idea of what goes on.

The main aim is for Princess Cruises passengers to learn local culinary, become educated in what goes on in the country and finally, experience local entertainment onboard the cruise ships.

This new initiative is to start on Princess Cruises itineraries from May and will get you to eat like a local, learn and celebrate with them during each cruise.

What to look forward to – There will be some amazing highlights to look forward to when going on a 2015 Princess Alaska cruise, and the first thing you will enjoy is to eat like a local does. Passengers will get to eat some of the local food, which consist of king salmon, crab, halibut and more.

Cruise Critic reports that guests from The Deadliest Catch Discovery program will be on hand to teach you about their wonderful country, and finally, you will be able to partake in several activities. These will be to celebrate Alaska with Klondike Festival activities and so much more.

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