New MSC Sinfonia features for 2015 cruises

New MSC Sinfonia features for 2015 cruises

MSC Sinfonia has already arrived in Sicily to undergo work as part of MSC Cruises Renaissance Program, and is to take 10 weeks from start to finish. The ship will be carefully cut in two and then have a large section placed between the two parts to make the ship larger to help combat high demand.

The new section, which consists of 193 extra cabins weighs 2,400 tones and is 24 meters long. Once the new section has been welded on to the ship the rest of the refit will take place to help revive the aging interior and to make her a more pleasing and comfortable ship.

This will not take place until January 20th, and so there is still just under a week to make certain that everything is in place so the operation goes as smoothly as possible.

MSC Sinfonia improvements and new features – The ship now being around 14 years old, as she was originally called the MS European Stars, is in need of an upgrade. Once completed she will feature purpose built areas for children, such as Baby, Mini, Young and teen Clubs, as well as areas designed by LEGO.

MSC is to also introduce a new dining experience with a buffet area that will be open to passengers 20 hours per day, and even a new lounge area for you to relax in. The maiden voyage of the newly refitted Sinfonia will be on March 25 in Genoa.

Cruise Industry News reports that the next two ships to benefit from the Renaissance Program will be the MSC Opera and MSC Lirica, which are to begin on the 2nd of May and 31st of August respectively.

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