New Disney Dream and Fantasy food menu for 2015

New Disney Dream and Fantasy food menu for 2015

If you have a cruise booked for either the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, then you will be pleased to learn that there has been a change to the Remy menus. The new food options are not going to be cheap, although some of you are more than prepared to pay the price for such culinary delights.

The French-inspired restaurant now has a wonderful selection of new choices, which includes seasonal truffle menu, and if you are into seafood, then you will be pleased with the special caviar selections.

One special menu to keep an eye out for is the Petites Assiettes de Remy, which are small plates of decadent food, although these are only made available on the first day of each cruise during the early evening. The price for this will be $50 per person.

However, going back to that truffle menu, you will have to part with $250 per person, and so this will not be for everyone’s budget. Visit the Disney Cruise Line website for more details on these premium culinary offerings.

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