Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth cancellation, but no full refund

Cunard's Queen Elizabeth cancellation, but no full refund

A few days ago cruise lovers decided it would be nice to visit Amsterdam’s Christmas markets, but Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth cancellation put an end to that. This is because the liner never actually made it to port, and so passengers were left circling the English Channel for days.

The cancellation of Queen Elizabeth making it to her destination has had a mixed reaction by those on the ship, especially as they never received a full refund. Instead, they were given around £48 of on-board credit, which some passengers feel is not good enough seeing as though they had spent £400.

While many passengers could understand that safety comes first and there was nothing Cunard could do about the weather, this has not stopped people from complaining and saying this is yet another example of a Carnival Cruise Line company doing what it does best, upsetting its customers.

Several of these passengers have taken to social media with very different attitudes, with negative comments like this was just like a ferry trip, to others saying there was a complete lack on information.

However, others said that this was done for the safety of passengers, and we would be having a different conversation if an accident occurred due to poor weather.

Do you think Cunard was right to cancel this ship going to port, and should they offer a complete refund?

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  • Karl

    Cunard should have charged the passengers an extra fee, as they lost money on the cancelled shore excursions, and had to run extra activities during the day.