Carnival Cruise Line’s new direction from February 2015

Carnival Cruise Line's new direction from February 2015

Carnival Cruise Line is following in the footsteps of some other cruise companies by appointing a woman at the top job. Royal Caribbean, Princess and Crystal Cruises all have women to lead their companies, and so Carnival wanted to do the same. The lady in question is Christine Duffy, who is said to be the perfect person for the position.

Duffy does have a tough task ahead of herself because any issues fall to her, and so the company as a whole will want to continue making improvements to the fleet and how they conduct business.

The new head of the Cruise Lines International Association has plenty of experience to fall back on, as she has been in the travel industry for over 30 years. One of the positives about this position is that she is well respected.

Carnival has had a strained relationship with the travel community, such as travel agents in the past, but the Miami Herald reports these agents are happy with Christine Duffy because she knows how important they are to the company.

Let’s hope that from February 1st, 2015, which is when she takes over the role that she decides it is time for Carnival Vista details to be released.

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