P&O Britannia speedy check-in with cruise terminal revamp

P&O Britannia speedy check-in with cruise terminal revamp

With P&O Britannia all set for her first cruise in March you have to wonder if the port of Southampton is ready for her? This answer to that is almost, although we have to wonder why its planned cruise terminal revamp will be completed about a month later?

We have recently learned that work has now started on the Mayflower cruise terminal, which is said to be costing £6 million. Improvements are being made to the check-in, drop-off and pick-up areas, passenger lounges and the security area. Once the work has been completed we exepct a more speedy check-in service for not only P&O Britannia, but other cruise ships that will call in ready to take on new passengers.

Carnival UK, the owners of P&O cruises said that work is being carried out on this terminal in order to take away the stress that goes with checking in, along with this other things mentioned above. More than one-hundred tonnes of walls and floors are to be removed to help create a more airy atmosphere.

It makes perfect sense to revamp this terminal because what is the point of having a stuffy terminal, when you are about to enter a modern cruise ship like Britannia?

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