Latest news on Costa Concordia Captain today

Latest news on Costa Concordia Captain today

With the trial of the Costa Concordia Captain ongoing it is obvious that people will be looking for the latest news today, and so far he has finally admitted to sailing too close to the island in order to impress passengers.

He said that he not only wanted to give passengers a better view of the island, but it was something he has done several times before. However, he did deny doing it to impress a woman.

We have to remember that 32 people died on that fateful evening and as such the former Captain is faced with manslaughter, as well as dereliction of duty.

BBC News reports that Francesco Schettino said he also did the maneuver for commercial reasons, whatever that means, but denies criminal charges, even though he has admitted some responsibility.

It’s no secret that Schettino has always put the blame on members of his own team, such as the helmsman. However, as the Captain it is his duty to make certain his crew take the right procedures, and leaving the ship while the scene unfolded has not gone down well with the Italian press, or the rest of the cruise community for that matter.

The trial continues…

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