Crown Princess cancellation over norovirus debated

Crown Princess cancellation over norovirus debated

The Crown Princess arrived in California yesterday to drop of its passengers ready for another cruise to leave port on the very same day. However, things were not as straight forward as that seeing as though there had been a norovirus outbreak on the ship, and as a result the ship had to be sanitized before new passengers were allowed on.

Crown Princess cancellation not an option – 172 people had falling ill to the virus while on board Crown Princess, and as a result the CDC had to meet the ship in port to conduct a series of tests and to evaluate the response from staff to see if the action they carried out was in guidance with the Centers for Disease Control.

We said above that before the ship was allowed to take on passengers for another cruise the entire ship had to be sanitized, but we have to wonder if this was long enough on a ship so large. Past cruise passengers have also asked if ships like these should always undergo a deep clean before they are allowed to set sail once again?

Having said that, we have to remember there are still those passengers that refuse to clean their hands once they come out of the toilet, and then touch handrails and go into dining areas. This is totally disgusting, and something that needs to be addressed, although not certain how they would do this.

There have been many debates of such a thing in the past, with a good percentage of people saying one of the main reasons they would never go on a cruise is because it is more like a large Petrie dish. Other people said all of the passengers should have been kept on the ship until they were better, but that would have been a nightmare seeing as though Crown Princess can hold up to 4,2000 crew and passengers.

Where do you stand on this whole debate?

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