Quantum of the Seas features on Oasis an Allure

Quantum of the Seas features on Oasis an Allure

Quantum of the Seas has finally joined the Royal Caribbean fleet and is the most technically advanced cruise ship on the seas, and no doubt other companies will be looking at the innovations to see what they can adapt. However RCI is already doing this with its new Quantum of the Seas features and wants to bring them to some of its other ships, such as Oasis and Allure.

The company did want to use some of the more popular features such has RFID-enabled Wow bands and the “bionic” bartenders, but these cannot be retrofitted to older ships because the technology is complicated. However, Crusie Critic has learned those features will appear on Anthem of the Seas, as well as Ovation and Oasis 3.

Oasis and Allure of the Seas will get to benefit from some of the other features from Quantum, such as Dynamic Dining on the both and Mamma Mia on Allure. Both will also get the new high-speed Internet, which will no doubt make some cruisers very happy.

However, this means pricing will have to change on the current Internet on those ships, and while we do not know what the pricing will be, we do know that Royal Caribbean is already around 20 percent lower than rival cruise ship companies.

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