Faster Internet for Carnival, P&O and Princess

Faster Internet for Carnival, P&O and Princess

While many of you who decide to go on a cruise would rather leave everyday life behind, which means cutting yourself off Facebook and other such social media services, others find it hard to switch off. However, being able to get on the Internet at sea is far more important for some, as they need to keep in contact with work, or just generally like to talk to family members.

When you buy an Internet package you know that it is pot luck if you get a great connection in terms of speed. Most of the times we have been on ships the speeds have been shocking, or even when they are fast, it doesn’t stay like that for too long.

Thankfully, Carnival Corporation & plc has a plan to make this a thing of the past, as they have unveiled plans to launch a new hybrid wireless network across many of its ships throughout its nine brands of cruise companies, which includes P&O and Princess. If what Engadget reports is correct we could be looking at speeds of 10 times faster than what they currently offer.

The new system will be called WiFi@Sea and will switch from a series of shore side antennas across the route the ship is sailing, as well as port Wi-Fi and satellites, which means Internet service should be virtually uninterrupted.

As yet we do not now the new Carnival Internet pricing, but we bet it will be more expensive than the current plans.

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