Quantum of the Seas pictures and video in Southampton

Quantum of the Seas pictures

If you were down the south coast yesterday, then there would have been a good chance you would have seen Quantum of the Seas entering the port of Southampton. She is so big that she could be seen for miles, even in places like Ryde, as we know she came in from that direction.

With the number of people looking out for the most technically advanced ship on the seas, it was no surprise that people quickly took to social media sites and YouTube to share some Quantum of the Seas pictures and videos, as she makes her way into in Southampton.

If you head over to the Royal Caribbean UK Facebook page you will see various images at different stages of her coming into port, there is even a nice one of her rear end, which you can see above.

There are four photos in all, but if you head to Twitter you will already see that the public have already uploaded a great deal more images of Quantum of the Seas coming into Southampton.

We also have a Quantum of the Seas video taken in Southampton, which helps give you a better perspective of her size, and while not as big an an Oasis Class, she has more to offer because of the latest technology being used, and will no doubt be used in one form or another when Royal Caribbean starts to refurbish some of its older ships once again.

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