Cruise ship Ebola concern equals new screening tests

Cruise ship Ebola concern equals new screening tests

Since the recent Ebola scare onboard Carnival Magic there was a huge concern from cruise ship passengers, and as a way to ease the minds of those who travel there will now be a new screening processing each time passengers board cruise ships. We have already seen how quick the Norovirus can spread on a ship, so just imagine what would happen if someone was to board a ship with the Ebola virus?

Many cruise lines have already started to screen guests and crew before they board the ship, but this process is now being more widely implemented. Anyone who has been in an affected region within the last 30 days will be refused to board the ship. We can understand this is a bit harsh, but it is better to be safe than sorry, as measures like this can help to reduce the possibility of Ebola spreading.

Carnival Australia has already set up this new screening procedure in the hope of putting passengers minds at ease that no one will be able to board a ship until they have proved they have not been in contact with anyone with the Ebola virus, or been to a region where it has spread within the past month.

There have been reports that cruise booking numbers have fallen slightly because of the fear of Ebola, although the the airline industry has been hit harder. However, the risk of becoming infected is very small because if someone is sick with the Ebola virus they are often too sick to travel, unless in the very early stages that is.

Thanks to the New Zealand Herald.

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