CMV cruise ship affected by Hurricane Gonzalo remnants

CMV cruise ship affected by Hurricane Gonzalo remnants

Hurricane Gonzalo has now done its worst damage, which also saw it affect several cruise ship itineraries. The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo can now be felt battering many parts of the UK, and with Bristol feeling much of the brunt of the weather system, cruise port authorities had to hold off the arrival of a Cruise & Maritime Voyages until the wind and rain passes.

The CMV cruise ship Funchal was meant to finish its 15-night sailing to Norwegian Fjords by coming back to Bristol, but changes had to be made so that she would dock at Liverpool. However, Cruise Critic learned that because the weather got much worse than expected, port authorities said it was too dangerous for her to come to Liverpool as well.

We have yet to hear of any updates as to the situation, and so as far as we know the ship is still waiting to come into port, much to the annoyance of passengers. One thing we do know, we would not wish to be on such a small ship in terrible conditions likes these.

However, winds are expected to ease later today, so hopeful passengers onboard Funchal will finally be able to disembark and head home, even if it isn’t the port that planned to end their cruise at.

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