Carnival Magic Ebola outbreak fears unwarranted

Carnival Magic Ebola outbreak fears unwarranted

The Ebola outbreak fears onboard Carnival Magic are unwarranted, although this will still not stop passengers fearing that they could become infected by the virus that has taken the news by storm over the past month or so. It would seem that a passenger came into contact with specimens from an Ebola victim by handling specimens in the lab.

Since hearing of the news, the Belize Coast Guard has refused the Carnival Magic entry into its port, which has left thousands of passengers wondering what on earth is going on.

The Texas Health worker has shown no symptoms of the Ebola virus. The Carnival Cruise Line, along with the U.S. Government are working with each other in order to get the ship back to U.S. waters. Before people begin to panic, the health worker did not come into contact with the patient with Ebola, and in 19 days has not shown any of the symptoms associated with the disease.

However, the person has been confined to his cabin, as has the partner who is traveling with him. For more details on this please visit the Washington Post.

If you are a passenger on the Carnival Magic are are reading this, please do not blame the Belize Coast Guard, as they are handling it in the best way they can in the interest of its country. There are so many people to blame for this though, such as the the hospital in Dalles that ignored the CDC and Obama administration warnings and protocols about Ebola.

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  • ken

    It wasn’t the hospital in Dallas at fault here. CDC Director Tom Frieden has repeatedly demonstrated his lack of basic knowledge about Ebola and an inability to anticipate the implications of not stopping this in West Africa while it was possible. He takes credit for stopping previous outbreaks (that was MSF Tom) and whines “the CDC is not a regulatory agency” to congress.

    We are a “day late and a dollar short” on this one. Can anyone spell “exponential”?

  • Linnea

    Well they got most of it right. I was on the ship and we did do our excursions in Belize. The only persons that were refused by the Belize government was the lab technician and her husband (yes it was a woman, not a man). We had a great time and this was handled well by Carnival.