Hurricane Gonzalo affects cruise ship itineraries

Tropical Storm Gonzalo affects cruise ship itineraries

Whenever a Tropical Storm forms the cruise industry holds it breath to see just what sort of effect it has on cruise ship itineraries, and the latest is no exception. Tropical Storm Gonzalo did not form long ago, and already Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line have had to alter two of its cruises.

Royal Caribbean has had to change its Explorer of the Seas itinerary for today, so instead of calling at St Maarten they will call in at San Juan, Puerto Rico at 2 pm instead. She will then stay in port overnight, giving passengers even longer there. It is not yet known if Royal Caribbean has offered any sort of goodwill gesture, although the weather really is out of its hands.

Disney Cruise Line has also had to change its itinerary for Disney Magic. Instead of sailing to Antigua, the ship will divert to Grenada, but do not fear, as Disney will head to Antigua, they have just had to reshuffle the itinerary.

It is not yet known if any other itinerary has had to be changed, but no doubt there will be considering there are several major cruise ports in Tropical Storm Gonzalo’s path, and with the possibility of the storm turing into a hurricane in the next day or two, things do not look good.

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