Carnival cruise cancellations due to Ebola a setback

Carnival cruise cancellations due to Ebola a setback

The Ebola issue in Africa has caused a bit of a setback for the likes of the Carnival Cruise Line due to several cancellations, although they are not alone. While something like this is out of their hands, and cancelling cruises is the best course of action, it is still a hammer blow to a company that has just started to get back on its feet.

The cruise industry as a whole has been hit hard by the spread of the Ebola virus, but Carnival saw its shares fall last week due to a change of itineraries, and people feeling uneasy about the cruise sector as a whole due to fears of an all-out outbreak.

Cruise ship companies have now been advised not to send their ships to ports near West African countries affected by the spread of this virus.

Carnival had seen increased bookings on its cruises, and started to see a healthy profit once again, due to people feeling at ease with the cruise ship operator. Not only that, but with huge savings on fuel over the past seven years, things were truly looking up for them.

It is for this reason why fears of a spread of the Ebola virus could prove a setback for Carnival, and as such will now need to readjust its finical figures, something that investors may react negatively to.

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  • David Bruce

    Cruise ship companies have a real contribution to make to dealing with Ebola. Half a dozen large cruise ships with volunteer staff could transform the isolation bed shortage in West Africa and get ahead of the parabolic curve of the epidemic. Sad that cruise ship news about Ebola is only about short term effects. This could be an existential threat to cruise shipping. Will Carnival or Cunard step up to the challenge by offering a large ship before Governments commandeer them as they did to transport troops to the Falkland Islands?