Costa Cruises crew member loses job over Facebook

Costa Cruises crew member loses job over Facebook

Do you remember the video that was all over Facebook and YouTube where the Costa Fascinosa was battered by 90 knot winds, and reports suggested the captain had failed to warn passengers or crew members? Well, the crew member that shared the video of the carnage in the galleys has now lost his job as a result. It is not like the person should be surprised over this because people have been warned time and again not to share certain things on Facebook went it comes to your place of work.

In the video, we we have for you below, shows a mass of plates and glasses on the floors in the galleys, as well as the bars throughout the ship. Passengers were said to be in a state of panic, especially at the time when the captain allegedly said he had lost control of the ship.

The crew member in question was a Filipino pastry chef, and after he had posted the footage on Facebook other crew members shared his account, and it wasn’t long before photos appeared in Italian newspapers. Following the mass of media attention, Costa Cruises came out to downplay things, and shorty after sacked the employee.

He was flown back to his home in the Philippines, and at this time has no job, and according to an article on Cruise Law News, he is now unable to support his family. It seems a bit harsh to fire someone over sharing a video, and so one would assume the company is embarrassed.

From past experience, many cruise ship companies do not like their dirty laundry shared on social media sites, or newspapers, and have no qualms about sacking people for sharing such information.

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