Cruises to India from UK with Fred Olsen

Cruises to India from UK with Fred Olsen

If you are looking to go on a cruise to India from the UK, then Fred Olsen has you covered, although don’t expect to find any sailings for 2014. This is because the next sailings to India will not happen until January 2015, so we would advise you to get booking now to avoid places being taken up.

India is a country that has a mix of rich and poor regions, along with a fantastic culture with a rich history, although it can be one of the most hectic places in the world. It is for these reasons why people search for cruises to India from UK, and we believe that Fred Olsen has some of the better itineraries for this region.

There is a cruise for everyones tastes, such as visiting the world-famous Taj Mahal, sun-drenched beaches or getting to smell an array of tantalizing spices, along with trying out real Indian cuisine.

Looking over the choice of Indian cruises, we can see that there is a huge choice available on the Fred Olsen website. None of them include cruises just to India itself, but rather longer cruses that will take in the country and many of its regions while traveling to the Far East.

That being said, you will get to visit some great ports of call, which included Chennai (Madras), Cochin, Goa, Mumbai, Port Blair, Trivandrum, and last but not least, Tuticorin.

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