Carnival Vista update: Renderings, IMAX Theater pay venue

Carnival Vista update- Renderings, IMAX Theater pay venue

Carnival has yet to offer an update to its new ship the Carnival Vista, and so this has led us to do some digging on our own. We have managed to come across some interesting information, although we have to remember that whatever we tell you, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt, although it is still food-for-thought.

Our digging unearthed a few interesting rumors in regard to the new ship, one of which suggests that we could get to see some Carnival Vista renderings in November. We were expecting an all-new design, but a source close to the project says the design will look pretty much the same as the Breeze from the outside, but bigger. However, the changes will be all on the inside.

The ship could also have the largest waterpark on the seas, but it is cinema that has caught out attention. If we are to believe the rumor, the Carnival Vista could have the first IMAX theater at sea. However, there is a concern that this could be a pay venue seeing as though it would take up such a huge part of the ship. Would you pay to watch an IMAX movie at sea?

Finally, the Carnival Vista sea trials are rumored to begin in February 2016 with her inaugural cruise starting on April 30th, 2016.

We do not know if any of these rumors are true or not, and so we will just have to keep waiting until Carnival is good and ready to tell us.

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  • Jenna Louise Holly

    I like this idea, but wouldn’t pay extra for it.