Huge Carnival Cruise fuel savings in 2014

Huge Carnival Cruise fuel savings in 2014

Carnival Cruise Lines has been on a mission to make vast improvements throughout its fleet, and even though this came at a huge expense, it was needed in order to reassure customers. Thankfully, putting a huge investment in has meant there have been huge Carnival Cruise savings in 2014 in terms of improved fuel efficiency, and as a results has saved the company $2.5bn (£1.6bn) over the past seven years.

The company has a fleet of more than 100 cruise ships, which includes those from P&O and Cunard. These savings means they burn less fuel and in turn is not as bad for the environment as they once were, and because of these savings, more money can be invested into the fleet, along with passing on savings by way of some fantastic year-round deals.

To put this fuel-saving into perspective, the Carnival Group has burned a billion less US gallons, or 3.7 billion litres. This means these ships as a whole have reduced emissions by 12 billion kilograms.

Savings like this has not come easy, and along with a huge investment, has also seen them make some amazing strides in technology, and new ship design. However, it is the next generation ships from Carnival that will shape the future for the company, especially as the Vista will be an all-new cruise ship design, and will be the most energy efficient ship in the fleet – just wish Carnival would tell us more.

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