Titanic 2 tickets should’ve been available by now

Titanic 2 tickets should've been available by now

The date is September 30th, 2014 and we should have seen far more progress with the Titanic 2 cruise ship by now, but most people within the industry knew it was an unlikely adventure. It is a shame, as the prospect of sailing on the ship got so many cruisers excited, but let us face facts, if the ship was going to set sail in 2016, we should have at least seen the Titanic 2 tickets go on sale by now.

Seeing as though these tickets are not available, it proves that plans for the Titanic 2 have pretty much stalled. The Titanic 2 Keel laying process was meant to take place in September, but seeing as though this is the last day of the month, Clive Palmer was either a bit optimistic, or things have not good according to plan.

We do know that Palmer has had a few issues with the Chinese, first falling out with the Chinese builders who were put in charge of constructing the Titanic 2 ship, and now calling off his partnership with Citic Pacific, whom was part of an iron ore partnership.

It is time to face facts, it is highly unlikely that Titanic 2 is being built. Deadlines have come and gone, and so have partnerships, and so we have to put this down to a lot of hot air.

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  • https://twitter.com/RickyPasket Ricky Wayne Pasket

    Because that palmer guy lied and used it as a scape goat too get
    attention for his politics …shame when they cant tell the truth
    …..but what do you expect from a politician.if built, it should not be a carnival ride.but built more to honor the people and to the men that built her and dry docked so then she can be enjoyed for future generations. but to him its about money which is sad

  • Malcolm Oliver

    1) It takes at least a few years to build a big cruise ship.

    2) China has never built a cruise ship so are an unknown quantity.

    3) No ship yard has yet been asked to build the ship.

    3) Deltmarin are very well respected naval architects and were designing the ship. They were told to stop some time last year.

    4) There does not appear to have been ANY progress for a year.

    5) The project is either delayed again or cancelled.