P&O Britannia Glass House wine list selection from Olly

P&O Britannia Glass House wine list selection from Olly

Wine expert Olly Smith has been at P&O Cruises heard quarters to taste a selection of new wines to bring to the Glass House on board P&O cruise ships. However, we can’t help wonder if this is more so to do with coming up with the perfect P&O Britannia Glass House wine list selection?

We know The Glass House has been voted the best bar at sea by a popular cruise website, and while I am unable to back this up because being a non-drinker, my colleauge not only loves the wines available, but also the wonderful taster menu to help go with your alcoholic beverage.

If you would like to meet Olly Smith on a Britannia cruise, then there is just the one sailing on May 2nd 2015. This is a 14-night Portugal to Spain cruise with a starting price of £1,369 per person.

We do hope that Olly will be able to commit to other Britannia sailings, although it is highly likely that he will. In the meantime, if you would like to to meet this down to earth wine expert, then you had best book that cruise above sooner rather than later.

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