Celebrity encourages the Norwegian Fjord Cruise Experience

Celebrity encourages the Norwegian Fjord Cruise Experience

When it comes to choosing the right cruise, it is tough to suggest the best destination, although if you are looking for one to inspire and captivate you, then you need to head to Norway on a Norwegian Fjord cruise. This is because you get to sail along calm waters while taking in the crashing waterfalls picturesque peaks and huge glaciers, and Celebrity Cruises will get you right up close in style.

The Norwegian Fjord Cruise Experience is a little different to some other cruise lines, as you are made to feel very special, a bit like the beautiful landscape around you. Your breath is not only taken away by the scenery, but also by how you are treated, and the decor of some of the newer Celebrity cruise ships.

Some of the ports you will stop at include Bergen, Flåm and Alesund, all of which share something in common, yet feel very different. Bergen is all about the coffee, one of Europe’s largest aquariums filled with Nordic atmosphere, whereas Flåm is perfect to take things easy with the The Flåm Railway to get even closer to the breath taking scenery, such as Scandinavian houses that hang on for dear life on the hillsides, to the cascading waterfalls.

Then there is Alesund with its Art Nouveau port, allowing you to see some true Viking boats, as well as visit some museums for a bit of education.

Celebrity has three featured Norwegian Fjord cruises, although these are for next year seeing as though the weather is now starting to get much colder, and the nights getting longer in Norway.

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